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logo-xpertEnvirocatalyst Sdn Bhd is committed in creating cleaner and greener environment. New ideas being threw everyday as the future inventions need to be created. For the past 2 years, we did many research and development on how to overcome vandalism issue, especially illegal stickers.

Envirocatalyst Sdn Bhd looks this problems as one epidemic that need a remedy, as this issue can cause
so much trouble to public. With dedicated and ambitious team, Envirocatalyst Sdn Bhd come up with the
solution, named EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint.

Our strong belief and perfect formulation for this product will help government and private sectors, as well as GLC companies to prevent and overcome illegal sticker problems. It is hope that this invention toward creating cleaner and greener environment can be realised, hence benefits all parties.

Adam Daniel Yusuf
Managing Director
“Catalytic Future Innovation”

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