We are the expert in anti-stick coating which covers for electrical feeder pillar, street lighting lamp post (galvanised/decorative), bus stop, and signboard. Our product; EnVCote-Anti Stick paint is formulated in Malaysia, and suit with local weather condition. A complete system of EnvCote-Anti Stick Paint not only effective against all types of sticker, also have water and UV resistant properties.

MBSA Feeder Pillar

Anti stick works for MBSA Feeder Pillar involved either coating on new units, or refurbishment process. New unit involved 4 steps, which is laying primer, top coat, Local council identical sticker, and last will be EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint

MPK Feeder Pillar

Anti stick coating for MPK Feeder Pillar involve clear base of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint. Feeder Pillar that coated with EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint was for housing area public lighting.
Proper surface preparation is done before 3 layers of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint is coated. Although EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint coated for MPK Feeder Pillar have 3 layers, the original colour of the Feeder Pillar is not affected.

MPSP Feeder Pillar

EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint is coated for Feeder Pillar in MPSP area. Anti-stick coating for Feeder Pillar is compulsory for new projects before it can be handed over from
developer to Local Council. MPSP Feeder Pillar used clear-based system of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint, which have 3 layers overall.

MPSJ Feeder Pillar

Anti stick works for MPSJ Feeder Pillar using coloured base of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint. Base will follow colour code given by MPSJ Local Council logo, voltage volume and danger sign is stick by our team. Warranty given for antistick paint for MPSJ Feeder Pillar is 3 years.

TNB Feeder Pillar

Anti-stick system used for TNB Feeder Pillar is pigmented system where colour is matched exactly as TNB colour code (grey, blue and red). Proper surface preparation done as to get best adhesion between EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint with metal surface of feeder pillar. Anti-stick coated TNB feeder pillar have both UV and fungus resistance.

TM Cabinet Box (Submux)

TM Melaka throwing up idea in advertising their brad band (Unifi) and it is done with sticking a Vinyl sticker on front side of TM cabinet box (Submux).
Vinyl sticker surface then coated with EnVCote-Anti stick Paint at side, as to prevent vandalism problem, especially illegal sticker.
Warranty given for this works is 2 years

Anti-stick Coating - MPAJ Bus Stop

New unit of bus stop in MPAJ is coated with EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint. Project was under Ministry of Transportation (MOT)-NKRA unit.
Coating is applied into the surface of bus stop poles, as to prevent illegal sticker

MBSA Bus Stop

EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint is coated on whole part of the bus stop, includeing the
1Malaysia signboard. Illegal stickers that cover almost all parts of the bus stop is removed using Biocleaning product, and coated with EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint as finishing.

LKSA Bus Stop

Illegal stickers at bus stop along LKSA highway is removed, followed by removing existing peeling paint before application of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint.

Anti-stick Coating - MPSP Galvanized Street Lighting

EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint is applied to galvanised street lighting lamp post. Differ to Feeder Pillar, which is coated to the whole body, lamp post is coated in 2.5 metre to 3.0 metre from ground.
Proper surface preparation is needed as to get best adhesion and strength between glavanised layer and anti-stick coating. Warranty given for anti-stick coating for lamp post is 3 years.

Entrance Signboard PUSPAKOM

Entrance signboard at PUSPAKOM Glenmarie is full with illegal sticker, which can damage PUSPAKOM image.
Cleaning process is done with proper method, as to maintain the original surface of the signboard.

Anti-Stick Coated for Parking Rate Signboard

Parking rate signboard in Subang Jaya and Kelanan Jaya is full with illegal stickers, and some of them were damaged. Illegal stickers problems affect image of parking operator, as well as Local Council. Installed parking rate signboard is coated with EnVote-Anti Stick Paint, and the coating process is done at factory.

MPKK Parking Rate Signboard

EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint is applied onto new parking rate signboard in MPKK area.
MPKK take early approach by coating new signboard with Anti-stick coating as to prevent vandalism issue, especially illegal sticker.
Coating of Anti-stick onto the surface of signboard is done with care and suitable thickness of coating, as to preserve the layer of the signboard, as well as to maintain the wording.

Gas Malaysia Signboard

Gas pipeline signboard being vandalized by illegal stickers was cleaned using bio-degradable degreaser before clear system of EnvCote-Anti Stick Paint is applied. Anti-stick coated signboard effective against stickers for maximum period of 18 months.

Parking Meter Machine

Parking meter machine that was fully covered with illegal stickers is removed, before new paint is applied. New anti-stick coated parking meter machine maintain its cleanliness, beside ease public to pay parking fee.

Anti-stick Coating - Concrete Pier at Bulatan Simpang Lima, Klang

Vandalism problem, especially illegal sticker made the location become dirty and image of Local council is affected. 2 concrete piers were selected and coated with anti-stick as to prove the performance of EnVCote-Anti Stick Paint in preventing the illegal sticker issue. Up to now (2013), the blue anti stick coated piers is clean, and free from any illegal stickers.