Civil & Mechanical

Our civil and mechanical works involve either new installation of new safety furniture or modification of existing system at highway. All modification works done at site. Safety, perfection, and satisfaction is our guarantee.

3M Road Stud Installation

3M Road stud is installed at new exit from Jalan Tun Razak heading to AKLEH. Installation can help highway users during night, where it will reflect as light is flashed to it. Flow of traffic is defined by the installation of the road stud.

Gantry Modification

ETC lane gantry modification involves increasing height of gantry.
All related mechanical works is done at site. Increasing height of gantry as to solve damaged signboard result from heavy vehicle entering ETC lane.

Flip TnG & Tunai Signboard Installation

Flip TnG & Tunai signboard installed at Elmina Toll Plaza, to ease change of lane information.
Users will get alert either they entering TnG lane only or TnG & Tunai lane.