Bio Cleaning Product

Bio Solv MP (Multi Purpose)


  • 100% biodegradable cleaning agent.
  • Suitable to be used as cleaning agent to remove mild stain, such as oil and grime, and layers of fungus.
  • Solution will not affect the surface of the substrate.
  • Ratio of dilution depends on the condition of the stain, from 1:4 until 1:20 ratio.
  • Excess of cleaning (effluent) can be discharge directly into drainage system.


Bio Solv HD (Heavy Duty)


  • 100% biodegradable cleaning agent
  • Formulated to remove tougher oily stain and layers of fungus.
  • Ratio of dilution can varies from 1:4 until 1:20 ratio.
  • Not posses harm to environment
  • Surface tolerance
  • Can be directly discharge to drainage system


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