Combination of suitable surface preparation with best painting system give excellent finishing in our painting works. We have experience in doing outdoor painting works. Our painting works cover substrate such as concrete, metal and pavement.

Guardrail & NJB Painting

Both concrete surface of NJB and galvanized surface of guardrail are painted using reflective yellow paint. Reflective paint is applied on ramp and sharp bend. Surface will luminous and reflect back as road users flash their light. Road safety is increased as driver will alert when pass through the sharp bend, corner or ramp.

Pavement Markers

TnG/Tunai and Smart Tag pavement markers functioned to give information for road users on which lane for particular method of toll payment. Faded pavement markers was repainted using solvent-based Polyurethane
paint. Paint based have properties of weather and UV resistant.

Cleaning NJB

Fungus, dirt and oily stain from vehicles collected onto concrete surface were cleaned using bio-degradable degreaser. Process is faster and no heavy brushing is needed.

Reflective Chevron

Chevron on parapet wall painted with reflective paint really helpful especially during night time. Reflected light from vehicles head lamp will increase awareness and reduce accident when passing sharp corner or ramp.